Sava Stoisavljevic: “Last days I sleep two hours a day”

The Chief Arbiter of the Olympiad Sava Stojsavljevic certainly makes an impression. You don't have to be a feminist to agree that she excellently fits the post.

– You are the first woman working as a Chief Arbiter at the Olympiad. Were you surprised when the organizers invited you to Khanty-Mansiysk?
 – Yes and no. Many women occupy highly responsible posts, for instance, the local Governor Natalya Komarova. For a long time chess was an exception, but not anymore. I am grateful to Kirsan Ilyumzhinov for supporting my candidacy.
I realize that being a Chief Arbiter at the Olympiad is a career summit for an arbiter. However, the time will pass and bring new motivation, while now I am simply enjoying myself and my favorite job.

– It is never easy to get to achieve the goal, isn't it?
– I completely agree! I had to work hard from the childhood. My usual day started at 5 o'clock back then! I trained a lot, and it gave the result.

– One always has to sacrifice something for the goal. You are still single and don't have children. Isn't it too much for a sacrifice?
 – Of course I want to have a family. And the time for a family will come, I am sure. By that time I will support my children as well. So I am not sacrificing anything, I am making a strategic play.

– What kind of sport do you like apart from chess?
– Maybe it does not sound too modest, but I am good in almost any sport! Basketball, volleyball, etc. And my favorite one is table tennis. Some time ago I was doing athletics, which made me more disciplined.

– You probably travel a lot...
– Yes, indeed. I started visiting various countries from the age of 6, thanks to chess. I was in many beautiful places on our planet and feel happy about it!
– Which team do you support at the Olympiad?
– Don't forget that I am a Chief Arbiter, so I must be unbiased. In my heart I support all of them! Of course, I watch the games of Serbian teams.

– So, what is the secret of your success?
– It is actually very simple. Being successful is easier when people around you understand you well. Every big success is a team achievement. And the main secret is that in order to succeed you need to do your favorite work. Of course, right now I get very tired and have little sleep (just two hours last night), but it doesn't matter. I don't notice it because I do the job I really like. And I am very happy!