Kara Asli: “We will open the official site of the Olympiad and say: you are congratulated on your birthday even here!”

Selen Sop, the member of the Turkish national team celebrated her birthday on 2 October. The official representative of the Turkish Chess Federation Kara Asli, her teammate Emel Kaya together with our press centre congratulated her on her day.

- E.K.: I have known Selena for 7 years already, but we became close friends 3 years ago. We became friends when we understood that we have similar characters. We have many common interests, in addition. We live in different cities, but trying to spend summer together. We are always talking about school, chess, family, guys ... everything. We have absolutely no secrets from each other. I

- A.K.: As for me, I know her as a good, energetic, cheerful and funny girl who loves to play chess, and is united with the whole team and coaches. She has a beautiful name Selen, but we all call her by surname: Sop. She likes this nickname, and all her friends know her exactly as Sop. She loves listening foreign pop music and Turkish handsome Tarkan!

- How did Sop start playing chess?

- AK: She has an elder brother in Izmir, she always watched him playing. She learned to play herself as a result, and at some point started beating him. He did not come here, but we know that he together with their father is watching her performances. Selen is in the national team of Turkey for 2 years. Local newspapers wrote about her quite often, because she is a good player. Last year, for example, she became 3rd in the national championship. I believe that she will do great in future

- How did she spend her last birthday?
- EK: That a coincidence - we celebrated it at the chess tournament, held in Izmir! We did in the shopping center with the whole team. This time, we’ll go to the cafe.

- How do you spend your free time?

- EK: We love to play computer games, chatting and walk around the city, if the weather is fine.

- What kind of chess player she is?  

- EK: She is not aggressive and positional player.

 - What is she dreaming about?

- EK: She is dreaming to become a doctor. She is studying in the specialized "science" class for this, to be better prepared for the university. And, of course, she is dreaming to become a grandmaster!

- How are you going to congratulate your friend?

- AK: She has many friends and they've already hidden gifts in the corners of her room. It is very difficult to gather the entire team together in the rest day, because all is wandering around the city, but we will try to make a real holiday for her! In the evening, we will definitely bring her a cake with candles, and during the day friends will be giving her a gift for a gift for it to be more interesting. At some point, we will open the official site of the Olympiad and say: “Even here you are congratulated with your Birthday! Surprise!”

-What do you want to wish her on her 16th birthday?

- EK: I wish her a successful game, and to achieve high titles in future.  I know that she will succeed because she is focused and confident!