Russian women's team won the Olympiad with one round to spare

For the first time in the post-Soviet history of our country Russian women's team won the golden medals of the Chess Olympiad. In Khanty-Mansiysk Russia-1 won ten matches in a row and cannot be reached by any of the competitors with one round left to play.

In the 10th round Russia-1 crushed the Bulgarian team. China, Georgia, and Ukraine compete for silver and bronze medals now. Today China defeated India, while Ukraine and Georgia drew their match. In other matches Russia-2 defeated Serbia 3-1, Poland defeated Armenia 3-1, and Cuba won against Latvia 2,5-2,5, etc.

Standings after 10 rounds: Russia-1 – 20 points (31,5 individual points), 2. China – 16, 3–6. Ukraine, Georgia, Russia-2, and Poland – all with 15 points.

Ukraine is very close to winning the open section. In the 10th round they devastated France: Ivanchuk, Efimenko and Eljanov won their games and secured their team a confident 3,5-0,5 victory.

Their main competitor is Russia-1. Today they defeated China in a very tense match: three games were drawn, and Grischuk won his game against Wang Hao after 5 hours of play.

Four matches in the leading group ended with the same score – 3-1: Israel def. USA, Spain def. Georgia, Poland def. Serbia, and Hungary def. Belarus. In other matches Russia-2 won against Chile, Armenia defeated Czech Republic with a minimal margin, and Azerbaijan drew against Italy.

Standings before the last round: 1. Ukraine – 17 points (29 individual points), 2. Russia-1 and Isreal – 160, 4–8. Hungary, Armenia, Spain, and France – 15.

Saturday, October 2 is a day off.

The last round is played on Sunday, October 3.

Pairings of the open section: Israel-Ukraine, Russia-1-Spain, Poland-Hungary, France-Armenia, etc.

 Pairings of the women section: Russia-2-Russia-1, China-Ukraine, Poland-Georgia, Croatia-Cuba, USA-India, Vietnam-Azerbaijan, etc.