Elected FIDE Vice-Presidents announced

According to Ugra-Inform, yesterday the delegated voted for the representatives of India, Iran, and Libya. Before the voting all the candidates had their election speeches.

“Voting for me, you vote for India. In my country chess tournaments are shown on television every day. I will keep working on chess development in the future”, said D. V. Sundar from India.

“I believe that chess must have official structure as a sport. Our country develops chess actively – we are spending $4,000,000 a year on it. I am an experienced manager and carried out many chess tournaments including the World championship. I am sure that I will press for further development of this sport”, said the Iranian representative Mohammad Jafar Kambouzia.

After the elections results were announced, the Libyan representative Nizar Ali El-haj promised to organize chess seminars in the Eastern Africa.

The Vice-Presidents nominated by the FIDE President are not yet announced. Earlier Kirsan Ilyumzhinov suggested to nominate the Head of the Chinese Chess Federation, and the 12th World Champion Anatoly Karpov. However, the negotiations with Karpov are still underway, and the final decision is yet to be announced.