Batkhuyag Munguntuul: Altanulzii warned the whole team: "Don’t forget to buy me a present!”

– Altanulzii is the youngest in our team. She is only 16 years old, but she is a Master already and develops her skills quickly. She is playing on the third board now. I met her at the World Chess Olympiad in Dresden in 2008. When Altanulzii found out that she would go to Khanty-Mansiysk in September, she immediately wrote to all her friends in Internet: "I will have my birthday during the Olympiad! Prepare me a present! ". She is so spontaneous and funny.

– She seems to be a very energetic person…

– It is not an appropriate word. She is mega active. She is very talented. She is a polyglot: she speaks Russian, English and even Chinese! She learns languages quickly. She likes to talk to strangers and to examine their language while speaking to them. However, she doesn’t need to learn boring books by heart, she just remembers everything. She is very smart. She finished lyceum this year, skipping through one class and entered the Mongolian State University. There, among other things, she is actively studying Chinese. Once she played in China and fell in love with this country. And she likes Russia too...

– How does she spend her free time?

– She usually communicates with her friends in Internet. She has a blog, and she is constantly writing something interesting there in English. I want to say that she has a lot of readers. She also sings very well. In summer 2009 at the Asian Championship in Vietnam at the Closing Ceremony she was singing a Mongolian song. It was great!

– Can you say anything more about her?

– Altanultzii is very independent and strong for her age. Her mother is very proud of her, she often attends tournaments to support her daughter. Of course, we feel responsible for our youngest teammate and we take care of her, not as guards, just like elder sisters.

– Does she ask you for an advice in clothing and household?

– Our team is very united. We agreed all together how to get dressed for the opening ceremony. So, we were looking smart and beautiful (smiling).We enjoyed the "live chess", and when the signs with the names of the countries were carried out, we were looking for the one with "Mongolia". And when we finally found it, were very happy! Mostly we were impressed by the performance of indigenous people in their native house. It was fantastic!

– How long has Altanulzii been playing chess?

– Since she was 9. There was a chess club in her school, and later she began training with private coaches. It may seem strange to some people, but her current coach, FIDE Master, lives in the suburbs and invites his players to train there. They train and rest at the same time.

– How can you analyze her style of playing?

– She is a player who focuses on tactics. This year she became the World Chess Champion among schoolchildren. For this she received a scholarship of the President of Mongolia for the 2010/2011 academic year, which is 100 thousand MNT per month.

– The women's national team of Mongolia is rather young. What is the reason for the appearance of the new generation of chess players ?

– The thing is that recently chess in Mongolia has started developing actively, especially among children. We open new chess schools and clubs. On the initiative of the FIDE President, we have put the first brick of the future Chess Palace in Ulan Bator. We are looking forward to its opening.

– What would you wish her on her birthday?

– On behalf of our team we wish her happiness, luck and love. We want her to remain cheerful, sociable and funny and to be a special one! She has everything ahead of her! We love her!