Pavel Tregubov: "Nobody is expecting miracles from us”

The captain of the women's team "Russia-2" Pavel Tregubov sincerely believes in the great potential of his team, they are all very young, but already managed to assert themselves. The team’s second board Olga Girya feels the same way.

– How do you estimate the performance of your team?

P.T: The tournament has is not over yet, but I can say that I’m satisfied with the score more than with the quality of playing. I will especially note matches against Romania and the USA. The team is young; this is our first experience of participating in the competitions of such high level. Now players are gaining their shape and breaking out. I think that we’ll show our best results by the end of the Olympiad.

O.G.: I also think that we are playing steadily and more confident now than a few rounds ago.

– Do you have a goal to be among the Top 3 or 10?

P.T.: Fortunately, neither Russian Chess Federation nor our team set ambitious and difficult goals. The main objective is to perform well, to play in good chess and so far we manage to do that. Everyone understands that it is not worth expecting miracles from us. As they say in sports, you need to train much in order to gain valuable experience for future tournaments. Personally I am more interested in the quality of playing than in the score.

– Olga, do you follow "Russia-1” results?

O.G.: Sure. We are not only following, but also supporting them.

– Did you think that you could have been on their place?

O.G.: We need to train much and long for that!

– Pavel, is it easy to manage girls? Does it happen that they cry and get too nervous?

P.T.: No, I'm lucky. I must thank them because neither during the training nor here I face any problems. The only disadvantage is agitation. Some girls managed to overcome it quickly, others – are still nervous. But this is only because the whole team is very responsible.

– Does "Russia-2” team have future as a team?

P.T.: You’d better ask this question to the Russian Chess Federation management. I personally like the existing team composition. All the girls have similar character and get along very well. Therefore, if we can save the team for future competitions it will be great.

O.G.: I think that our team is very tight-knit. I would like to participate in the tournaments of this level all together again.

– Pavel, is there a player in your team capable to fight for the World Champion title?

P.T.: Even if I wanted to single out someone I would not do it now. I can say quite honestly: as the team is very young, they still have a lot of weak points. However if there are no problems at this level it is most likely that his potential is exhausted. And it is not their case which means that everything is ahead of them!