Gabriel Sargissian: “Hope we’ll play better by the end”

The Armenian team, which won two Olympiads in a row, Turin-2006 and Dresden-2008, plays rather inconsistently here. Yesterday Armenia lost to Azerbaijan, and today they defeated Poland. Gabriel Sargissian won the crucial game against Bartek Macieja, and three other games ended in draws.

– Gabriel, tell us about your game.

– This was a very lengthy and tough game. My position was slightly inferior, but then Macieja made a mistake. The game became sharp, and his pieces started to hang. In the end everything was decided in a time trouble.

– Did you follow other games in your match? Do you think the overall result is fair?

– Of course not! We didn’t have a single better position in this match, and my game was unclear at best (while actually I think that my opponent had better chances).

– Your team is famous for its unity and friendship. Do you feel the teammates’ support?

– Yes. There are no conflicts in our team; we never count how many times someone had White or Black, for example. We play together for many years and know each other well – this is also very important.

– Will Armenia compete for the gold medals after this victory?

– We do our best in every round, but somehow it doesn’t work out. Hope we’ll play better by the end, and win the event, if we get lucky.