Shokhrat Muratkuliev: “Asia has great future is chess”

On Tuesday we visited the Chess Academy building that hosts the 81st FIDE Congress. The representatives of Asia were discussing the future of chess on their continent. We interviewed Shokhrat Muratkuliev, the General Secretary of the Chess Federation of Turkmenistan.

– What were the main issues discussed at the meeting?

– It is very important to organize as many tournaments as possible on our continent. And I do hope we’ll do that next year. Chess has always been very popular in Asia, and its popularity keeps growing. In my opinion, Asia has great future in chess.

– The FIDE treasurer Nigel Freeman mentioned at the press-conference that one of the Arabian princes may sponsor big chess event...

– We hope so. Modern chess requires serious investments; otherwise there will be no results. And we hope that sponsors will not forget about Asia.

– What is the situation with chess in Turkmenistan?

– Chess is developing very quickly in our republic. We have many talented young players. Last year three junior players won medals at the serious international tournament in India. Saparmurat Atabaev won gold in the Championship U-10 competition. Kurbangeldy Amangeldyev took silver in the section U-14, and Kurbanberdy Besherov won bronze in U-16.

– Where is Turkmenistan in the FIDE Rating List?

– We are on the 59th place, and we are not going to stop.