Ivanchuk is fantastic!


September 28, 2010 г. Khanty-Mansiysk


The Ukrainian team seriously improved their chances of winning the Olympiad. In the 7th round Ukraine defeated Georgia and moved to the clear first place with 13 points. Vassily Ivanchuk secured the victory by beating Baadur Jobava. Three other games were drawn. Ivanchuk demonstrates phenomenal chess here – his score is 6 out of 6!

Three teams are one point behind the leader – Russia-1, Azerbaijan, and Hungary stand one point behind.

The match of two Russian teams ended in favor of Russia-1. Three games were drawn, and Sergey Karjakin won against Evgeny Tomashevsky. Karjakin is now the main weapon of his team – he only lost half a point in six games.

Azerbaijanrecovered after the unexpected loss to Vietnam in the second round. Today they defeated the defending Olympiad champions from Armenia. Gadir Guseinov won his game against Arman Pashikian, and thre other games were drawn.

Below are the results of other important games in the open section: USA – Poland 2-2; Brazil – Hungary 1-3; Russia-3 – Iran 2-2; China – Turkmenistan 4-0; Belarus – England 3-1; Netherlands – Cuba 2-2; France – Spain 2,5-1,5.

In the women section Russia-1 increased their lead by crushing Hungary 4-0. Russia-1 has 14 points, Georgia and India are two points behind.

Georgians defeated China in a hard-fought match. The key game was played on the 4th board, where Sopiko Khukhashvili defeated Wang Yu. The outcome of the match between India and Ukraine was decided on the first board, where Harika Dronavally defeated Kateryna Lahno. Russia-2 won the match against Romania 2,5-1,5 – Alina Kashlinskaya outplayed Irina Bulmaga.

Other important matches: USA – Armenia 2,5-1,5; Serbia – Switzerland – 3,5-0,5; Germany – Croatia – 2-2.

The pairings of the 8th round, open section: Russia-1 – Ukraine; Hungary – Azerbaijan; Georgia – Belarus; USA – China; Poland – Armenia; France – Russia-2,

Women section: India – Russia-1, Serbia – Georgia, Russia-2 – USA, Hungary – Bulgaria.


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