David Smerdon: “My bald head does not bring luck”

The Australian Grandmaster David Smerdon is one of the funniest people at the Olympiad. Talking with him about everything apart chess is a great pleasure.

– Wow, finally someone wants to discuss something not chess-related! – said David. – I will gladly answer your questions.

– Are you superstitious? For example, if a black cat crosses your way; would it be a good sign?

– I don't believe in such things, but I believe in fortunetelling, and especially in chiromancy. However, I never paid a visit to a fortuneteller, because I don't want to know the future. We'll get there anyway...

– Australia is kangaroos and – ?

– You won't believe it – spiders. In my house in Australia spiders live in all rooms. They are everywhere – on the walls, on the windows, on the floor... I got used to it already.

– Are you a responsible person?

– Show me somebody who admits he is irresponsible! Indeed I am a very responsible person. I always wake up early to get ready for an important event. I always prepare thoroughly for such things.

– Do you lead a healthy life style?

– Depends... I don't smoke, but I can drink – a little bit. And I do other stupid things in my favorite city – Amsterdam...

– What kind of music do you like?

– I like Indy-rock. And I enjoy huge music festivals with thousands of people. They bring so much positive energy!

– Have you been to Kazantip?

– No, but I know that the world's greatest DJs come there, such as Armin Van Buren and Tiesto... I have two good friends, one of them is a Tiesto fan, and another one adores Armin. They always argue who is the best, but for me they are both the kings of club music.

– How do you spend your free time?

– I like watching movies. For example, I like “The Gladiator” and other movies with Russel Crowe. As for the books, I am a big fan of Stig Larsson, and especially his novel “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”.

– Do you follow certain dress code?

– Not really, I am not into that. I have a favorite designer – Zara, and I wear it almost exclusively. However, if I like a T-shirt from other designers, I buy it anyway.

– Judging by old photos of yours, you have no problem with hair, but now you are clean shaved... Is it supposed to bring luck?

– Something like that. My teammates always joke about it – they ask me to let them touch my bald head. And they did it, but it turned out that rubbing my bold head does not bring luck...

– What kind of food do you like?

– Hot – like everything in life.