Alon Greenfeld: «We do what we like – it is playing chess»

This is the opinion of the coach of the men’s team of Israel Alon Greenfeld and his players Maxim Rodshtein and Victor Mikhalevski.

– Your national team is considered to be one of the leaders of the Olympiad. What are you aiming at here?

А.G.: At the beginning we are on the 11th position. We had almost the same position before the Olympiad 2008 in Dresden where we won silver medals. Right now we are doing what we like – we are playing chess. It is obvious that we will try to keep the level.

– How did the fact that your 1st board Boris Gelfand lost to France influence your play?

А.G.: We all know that Boris Gelfand is a great chess player. It happens that a master can make mistake. To some extent, the reason is that Vachier-Lagrave had a home preparation. In any case we cannot let the loss of the leader influence other team members.

– What do you do apart from chess?

М.R.: I like to go to the gym and watch movies.

V.М.: In my free time that I don’t have much I like to play snooker as well as big and table tennis. During chess tournaments I mainly read books.

А.G.: As for me, I read a lot. Also I love listening to classical music because my father played piano and he was the one to develop my love for this.

– Olympiad is a long-lasting and serious tournament. How does your team manage to cope with constantly increasing tension?

А.G.: It is clear that in order to prepare for each game, one needs much time and force. We try to relax when it is possible. For instance, we like to walk all together.

– Did you have time for that in Khanty-Mansiysk?

А. G.: We had it only on the first day of the Olympiad. We managed to walk a little and get acquainted with local places of interest.

– Your impressions?

V. M.: I have only positive ones: the city is clean and beautiful. Unfortunately, we managed to visit only its central part.

М. R.: It is my third time in Khanty-Mansiysk and I like everything here as always.

– What would you say about the organization of this event?

V.М.: Everything is fine. The only thing is that sometimes we face difficulties with elevators in the Olympic Hotels – there are too many people willing to go up or down at a time. I don’t think that this is organizers’ mistake. It is not habitual for these hotels to have dozens of delegations hanging around from one floor to another every 10 minutes. Therefore, everything is okay.