The Russian women team became a sole leader of the Olympiad. Round 6 Report


September 27, 2010 г. Khanty-Mansiysk


The 6th round of the 39th Chess Olympiad in Khanty-Mansiysk produced a sole leader in the women competition: Russia-1 defeated Ukraine, the winners of the Olympiad-2006, and moved to the clear first place. The Russians won all the six games and collected 12 team points.
The match was very tense; the Russians were trailing at some point, as Tatiana Kosintseva quickly lost to Kateryna Lahno. However, Russia managed to turn the tables and celebrate a win with victories of Alexandra Kosteniuk and Alisa Galliamova over Anna Ushenina and Maria Muzychuk respectively.
Hungary moved to the second place after beating Poland with the perfect score 4-0. Four teams are sharing the third place with 10 points – Georgia, Ukraine, China, and India.
Geogria defeated USA with a minimal margin. China defeated Russia-3 – 3-1. India drew with Italy, Bulgaria drew with Serbia, and Armenia drew with Russia-2.
Three teams are in the lead in the open tournament – Georgia, Armenia, and Ukraine all have 10 points. Six teams are one point behind – Russia-1, Russia-2, Poland, USA, Azerbaijan, and Hungary.
The key match of the round was played between Armenia and Georgia and ended in a draw. Arman Pashikian, Armenia's best player at the Olympiad, won another game, and now has 5 points after 6 games. The Georgian Levan Pantsulaya equalized the score.
Ukraine swept off Hungary 3-1. Vassily Ivanchuk and Pavel Eljanov defeated Peter Leko and Judit Polgar.
Russia-1 outplayed Czech Republic in a tense match: Karjakin won against Hracek, and other games were drawn. Russia-2 won against the Netherlands – Ian Nepomniachtchi and Artyom Timofeev outplayed Luke van Wely and Daniel Stellwagen.
 In other matches Azerbaijan defeated India 3-1, USA won against Vietnam 2,5-1,5, Poland defeated Estonia 3-1, Russia-3 drew with Greece 2-2.
Note the second defeat of the world number one Magnus Carlsen, who lost as Black to Michael Adams.
On Tuesday, September 28, the key matches of the open section are Ukraine – Georgia, Armenia – Azerbaijan, Russia-2 – Russia-1, USA – Poland.
The key matches of the women section are Russia-1 – Hungary, China – Georgia, Ukraine – India, Russia-2 – Romania, USA – Armenia.

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