Joshi Rajesh Hari: “Prachand is a real gentleman!”

The president of Nepal Chess Federation extends birthday greetings to his player Prachand Man Malakar together with us.

– How long has Prachand been playing chess?
– He plays chess since he turned 20. Right now he is the third rated player of Nepal and pursues the FIDE Master title. Prachand works very hard to achieve this.

– Can you tell something interesting about him?
– He is a successful businessman and owns a business in Katmandu. This is probably his only area of interest except chess.

– What kind of person is he?
– In short, Prachand is a real gentleman! He is also a model family man. He is a father of two boys and teaches them chess. They will surely join our chess community in the future.

– What are his relations with the team?
– They have excellent relations! He is a very jovial man, and talks all the time. He always tries to make his friends laugh.

– Is this his first Olympiad?
– Yes. He played five games so far, lost one, drew two, and won two. By the way, yesterday he made a present for himself, defeating Octavio Croes from Aruba.

– Did you buy a present for him?
– Of course! I'll give it to him on his birthday, and right now let's keep a secret.

– Is chess a popular sport in your country?
– Yes, it is very popular, and Prachand is quite famous, because he is one of the three strongest players in Nepal.

– What do you wish him on his birthday?
– I wish him to be the most successful! And, of course, wish him to become a FIDE Master to fulfill his passionate dream.

(The players of Nepal national team): – First of all, we wish him to enjoy the Olympiad and show good results individually and within the team. Happy birthday!