Catering for chess players - at a professional level

The professionals from St. Petersburg are responsible for providing catering services for the participants of the 39th World Chess Olympiad in the Hotel complex Olympic. Two central Olympic restaurants serve about 1500 people, while only 1200 visitors can be simultaneously accommodated there. The chess players consume about 9 tons of food per day. That’s a little bit more than the weight of a big African elephant and this amount of food is regularly served on the tables of the participants. The guests make their choice on a buffet without any limit, meals are provided calculating the average of 1.5 kilograms per person in each phase, taking into account the caloric content and the meat component. The meals timetable is adapted to the playing schedule taking into consideration the fact that players come back late after the rounds.
The organizers meet all traditional and confessional preferences of players. Pork, for example does not exceed 10% of the total course, as many of the guests of the hotel are Muslims. The vegetarian diet and dietary menu are always available in the distribution sector. It is not a problem to find it. A representative of any country has an alternative in accordance with his taste.
A lot of sportsmen prefer fish since it is useful for mental abilities. Professional cooks fully satisfy the needs of players with valuable and nutritious fish, such as salmon and whitefish. The most popular garnish is rice and balsamic dressing. Fruits and vegetables can also be found on every table. Visitors of the restaurant are delighted with confectionary taste palette, framed with sweet masterpieces symbolizing Chess Olympiad.                                                             
 Disabled people do not feel excluded from this culinary feast either. There are special seats for them. For their convenience, they have been accommodated on the lower floors - close to restaurants and accompanied by special staff taking care of them during the meals.
 The coordinated work in all areas is a merit of the professional management of Olympiad facilities. This is a complex interaction of purchasing and technology, supply and custom departments. The chefs appreciate up-to-date kitchen appliances of the Olympiad project as it helps to realize their bold culinary plans.
 The entire organizational system is based on the exact scientific research data even in the question of participants placement in the restaurants: scientists stated the fact that at every meal the participants either choose one and the same table or the ones in the close proximity zones. Taking into account this behavior, specialists provide the best service: permanent waiters, changing of table settings and the massive visits of participants are foreseen beforehand. The flows of people coming from both Olympic hotels to the doors of the restaurants are managed by special staff to avoid crowds and long lines.  
The meals are accompanied by classical music that contributes to the healthy process of digestion. All these factors as well as professional personnel movements and logical approach are combined into the magical symphony of the world chess event.
After a good meal the participants are provided with all the conditions to have a fruitful rest: Thai massage salon, fitness room and sauna. They are also provided with super speed elevators and in case if a room is situated on a high floor, there is a special anti-fire system with up-to-date evacuation equipment. This is a unique emergency system that guarantees safety against fire even in the most difficult situations.