Vladimir Genba: "My dream has come true!"

The Chess player from Ugra Vladimir Genba has been dreaming to play at the Olympiad since he was a child. Even when Khanty­-Mansiysk won the the bidding procedure to host this event, he was not sure he would make it to the national team.

– I wanted to play in the Olympiad very much. When I got to know that Khanty–Mansiysk would host the 39th World Chess Olympiad 2010, I started having seditious thoughts: “Maybe I should play for another country?”(laughing).
It was clear for me that there are a lot of elite chess players in Russia and it was almost unreal to be part of the national team. Afterwards, when it came to our knowledge that Ugra will be represented by two national teams – Russia­-3 and Russia-4, I got the chance. I would like to express my gratitude to the Government of Ugra and the Chess Federation President Vasily Filipenko for all that they have done for the development of chess in the region.

– Are you a professional chess player?
– I will answer like this: I am an International Master. Chess is my hobby and I am an amateur.

– Are you happy now?
– More than that, I can say “My dream has come true!” Since my childhood I always considered Olympiad as something high and unachievable for me. I remember when me and my father were fans of our USSR national team.

– Did your father like chess?
– He was the one to teach me this wise game when I was 7 years old.
– Do you have experience playing in elite tournaments?
– Yes, I do. I was playing in the World Cup 2007. To tell you the truth, I had a very strong opponent right in the first round. As a result there was no sensation (laughing)

– Tell us about your team.
– We play with such a team composition for the first time. The team was composed late because the participation of Russia­4 was under question.

– Were you training for the Olympiad together?
 – No, I mostly trained on my own. First of all, I didn’t have enough time for common training and secondly, chess is a sport that requires individual training. We trained together with the member of our team Alexey Bezgodov.

– How did you train?
– We analyzed openings and solved chess compositions.

– Could you imagine 10 years ago that Khanty­-Mansiysk would host the World Chess Olympiad?

– Of course not. However, after the World Cup in 2005 I realized that there is nothing unachievable for us.

– Is it easier to play at home?
 – I want to perform better in Khanty­-Mansiysk, although, one does not demand any specific results from us.

– Your friends must be worried for you?
– Yes, they are watching my games online.

– As a participant of the World Chess Olympiad, what would you say about the organization of this event?

– To my mind, everything is going well. The opening ceremony was great. Especially I liked the game played by live chess pieces.