Ricardo dos Ramos: «I wish Frankie to find great love!»

The head of the National Delegation of Suriname joins us in our birthday greetings to Franklin Mungroo.

– Didn’t you forget to congratulate your teammate on his birthday?

– I am ashamed but I always forget about this day and I've known him for a long time already. – Ramos says modestly, – Fortunately, our girls are more attentive and reminded me about his birthday in time.

– Have you prepared a present for him?

– No, because I did not find what he would like to get as a birthday present in the local shops. Our girls presented him a cake with candles at dinner. They are more romantic and they are the ones to be responsible for preparing presents.

– Have you known him for a long time?

– I met Franklin when I was 18 and he was only 12. I was the President of the chess club and he was a young chess player. I am 47 now and he is 41. We know each other for more than 25 years.

– Do your families know each other?

– No, they don’t, but we go for a walk or sit in cafes very often together. My daughter who is playing for the women’s team here knows him very well, she is 14 years old and she is the youngest player in our team.

– What can you tell us about Franklin as a friend?

– When you need help, he is always ready to support and help. He is very critical and direct, he would say everything he thinks about you. It is very good indeed. You always wait sincerity only from your friends.

– Tell us about his hobbies, please.

– Every weekend we go to the country together to train young chess players. In general we have been volunteering to do this for almost 30 years already. He likes football and jogging, he does not smoke, however, he likes our local beer, and the most important – he loves to eat. I have a feeling that he is eating always and everywhere and we are teasing him for that from time to time.

– How does he react? Does he usually joke in return or it hurts him?

– He is a very clever person. He always jokes in a very smart way!

– Does he have a nickname?

– No, he does not, but we call him Frankie.

– It turns out that Frankie is a very energetic person-he has so many interests…

– Yes, indeed. We have established a football club with our chess players. We play with other non-professional teams and show rather good results. We always play for different teams with Frankie, it is more interesting. Lately we haven’t played because we were preparing for the Olympiad. I would like to add that Frankie is twice champion of Suriname. This is his third Olympiad and he really hopes to gain some title here.

– What would you wish him for his birthday?

– On behalf of our team I want to wish him only victories. Also I would like him to meet his destiny here… Maybe she is from Russia? (smiling)