6 most original questions at the World Chess Olympiad

– Where can one buy beer?
Story: Sportsmen are also human beings and they cannot be excluded out of the list of ordinary people. Before the game the participants were wondering very actively where “one can buy beer in the playing hall venue ”.Of course only in supermarkets. Having heard this answer the players were perplexed: «How are we supposed to play???»
However, most probably they were joking when asking it. Some of them can be demanded to pass the doping control and alcoholic beverages are stated in FIDE Regulations as prohibited substances.

– Are you married?
Story: You would agree with me that this Olympiad ravishes us with a great number of beautiful women chess players who came to Khanty-Mansiysk to fight on 64-squared chess boards. It is obvious that their fans and volunteers dream about taking a photo with them. Some of them even go far into details by asking if these charming chess players are married.

– Have you seen our team?
Story: It is an unusual thing: the whole national team is lost in the playing hall. It turned out that their favorites “managed” to disappear when volunteers “forgot” about their responsibilities for one single minute. The search was done by the employees of the information center using the photos of lost chess players. The story was of course happy-ended: it turned out that the team went to do sightseeing having absolutely forgotten about their accompanying persons.

– Where can I get my hair cut?
 Story: The thing is that the Organizing Committee Office is based on the territory of the “Beauty Style” salon on the ground floor of the tennis center. It is amazing that despite the numerous announcements in mass media and TV commercials, some citizens of Khanty-Mansiysk are not aware that the Tennis Center is the official venue of the 39th World Chess Olympiad.

 Where can one buy potatoes?
Story: Isn’t it great that the “mighty and powerful” Russian language is spoken even in Africa. All the same everyone in the Information center was confused when an Afro-American girl came to ask them where “she could buy local “kartoshka” very urgently”. They could finally understand what she meant by her question ONLY when she pronounced the word “mobile”. It is clear indeed that “kartoCHka” (telephone card) and “kartoSHka” (potatoes) sound very much similar in Russian.

–Is anyone looking for an engagement ring?
Story: A rather personal question and at the time announcement from the Press-Center: On 22 September the press representatives found an engagement ring on the territory of the Olympic venue.  We invite the happy bride to get it back in the accreditation center.