Reynaldo Vera Gonzalez-Quevedo: "Lenier is the idol of Guines"

DomingezThe Comandante of Cuban chess Lenier Dominguez celebrated his 27th birthday on September 23. He receives greetings from his teammate and coach Reynaldo Vera Gonzalez-Quevedo, who is also a captain of the Cuban team.
– Could you tell us some interesting facts from Lenier's biography?
– Every Cuban knows that Lenier comes from a small town named Guines, which is located near Havana. So we call him “the idol of Guines”!
– What character features do you like in Lenier?
– Persistence. Also Lenier is a very sincere and open person. As a chess player he is a workaholic and always strives to be the best. These are probably the most important features for a chess player.
– How do you celebrate such occasions in your team?
 – Usually we have a party. The team gathers in the evening, we bring a cake with candles and call for the birthday boy, and when he enters the room, everyone shouts: “Surprise!”
– I am sure all the team members love Lenier...
– Oh, absolutely! He is a famous sportsman, and a good fellow. Everybody loves and respects him.
– What would you like to wish him?
– Right now he is the 21st in the FIDE Rating List. We wish him to get to the top 10! This is his main goal at the moment. I am sure he can make it. Happy birthday, Lenier!