Valery YOSHAN: "I think that after the World Chess Olympiad the number of lovers and connoisseurs of the chess game will increase in our okrug multiply"

Valery YOSHAN: "I think that after the World Chess Olympiad the number of lovers and connoisseurs of the chess game will increase in our okrug multiply"

At the World Chess Olympiad the honor of Ugra will defend the Team of Ugra Chess Federation. The sports director of the Ugra Chess Federation Valery Yoshan told us about the federation and the team in common.

- Valery, tell us how long ago the Federation was founded and what is included in its sphere of activity?

- The Chess Federation of Ugra was established in January 2006 to promote and develop chess in Ugra, bringing the Okrug's population to systematic chess studies, training of high-class players, as well as holding regular neighborhood, all Russian and international competitions and other sporting events. From the very creation of the Federation series of competitions at various levels were carried out. During the entire period the Federation enhances the professional level of chess arbiters. Seminars for arbiters are regularly conducted, for the international category the representatives of the refereeing of Ugra participated in the judging of the European Championship, World Cups and world competitions.

- What activities are held by the Federation during the year?

- Each year, in accordance with the schedule, Federation holds a lot of sporting events. This is the district championship on classical chess among men and women. And rapid chess tournament to the Homeland Defender Day, International Women's Day on 8 March, Labour Day, Independence Day of Russia, the Day of chess, Athlete's Day, the Day of the district. And those are the district competitions "The relay of chess generations of Ugra". Of course we are holding Ugra Governor's Cup. In 2008, the Governor's Cup Chess of Ugra received the status of the Cup of Russia. Just in a series of annual events is the International tournament behalf AE Karpov.

- What does the Federation do for the introduction of chess in schools?

- The question of chess education in schools of Ugra is on the leading position and is one of the priority directions of development of chess in the Autonomous Okrug in general. In the 2009-2010 academic year on the territory of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Ugra in 55 educational institutions chess lessons were entered, where more than 8,000 students of the okrug systematically studying chess. To create an enabling environment for maximum development of chess and improving the forms of learning chess, the Federation, in conjunction with the Committee on Information Resources of the Governor Administration of Autonomous Okrug has put in municipal institutions of the Autonomous Okrug 29 computer classrooms with a projector, screen and multifunction devices. For studying the Chess Federation of Ugra donated in 2008, 2009 to the children 2,600 sets of chess.

- Valery why the Organizing Committee of Khanty-Mansiysk was honored to conduct the 39-th World Chess Olympiad?

- The right to carry out the activities of FIDE Khanty-Mansiysk has received on a vote of members of FIDE Congress in June 2006, during the 37 th World Chess Olympiad in Turin. Seven cities from Russia, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Argentina, Serbia and Montenegro applied for the competition. There were three rounds of voting. In the final round with a margin of seven votes Russia was ahead of Budva (Montenegro).

- Russia in the tournament will be represented by several teams. Why has Ugra been allowed to put its own team at the Olympiad?

- According to the regulations of FIDE the organizers have the right in addition to the main national team set for participation two more teams, one male and one female. And in late May after the pre-registration of teams FIDE management, who visited Khanty-Mansiysk with regular inspection, allowed to set another men's team of Ugra in connection with the fact that the number of pre-registered teams was odd. That’s why our leading county chess players will take part in the Olympiad, but we also attracted several well-known grandmasters of the UFD and the republic of Kalmykia, with who we have long collaboration sphere of development and popularization of chess.

- Which players will go down to the team?

- Men's Team Russia-2-Ugra will be represented by an international grandmaster from Nizhnevartovsk Dmitry Yakovenko, an international grandmaster from Yekaterinburg Alexander Motylev, an international Grandmaster from Kurgan Sergey Rublevsky, an international grandmaster from Surgut Nikolai Kabanov, an international Grandmaster of Khanty-Mansiysk Alexey Pridorozniy and an international grandmaster, the chief coach Alexander Khalifman. The men's team Russia- 3 - Ugra will include an international grandmaster from Elista Sanan Syugirov, an international grandmaster of Khanty-Mansiysk Alex Bezgodov, an international master of Langepas Ilya Ilyushenok and the international masters of Khanty-Mansiysk Vladimir Genba and Valery Yoshan. Women's team Russia-2-Ugra will be represented by an international grandmaster from Elista Bayram Kovanova, FIDE master from Khanty-Mansiysk, Svetlana and Maria Bezgodovy, Candidate Master of Sports of Surgut Ekaterina Kabanova and Candidate Master of Sports of Khanty-Mansiysk Aisilu Yakupova.

- How are they preparing for the World Chess Olympiad?

- In summer our chess players participated in various international tournaments, both in Russia and abroad. And there will be a planned training camp for men's and women's teams in autumn from Sept. 5 until the beginning of the Olympiad in Khanty-Mansiysk, where will start the preparation for a purely team competition, which is the Olympiad. And we must take into account many aspects such as psychological compatibility, physical shape, the willingness of each player theoretically and psychologically for the game with specific teams, whose members are already known, plus, of course, the formation of the combat mindset and team spirit, without which it is impossible to perform adequately on the main world team event.

- What are the further plans for development of Ugra Chess Federation?

- I think that after the Olympiad the number of lovers and connoisseurs of the chess game will increase in our okrug multiply. And the Federation will try to create more high quality and comfortable conditions for chess lessons in our okrug. The teaching of chess will be upgraded in educational institutions, based on Ugra Chess Academy, with the involvement of the highest level players, using modern technology. It is also planned the expansion of the network of chess clubs and groups in all municipalities of Ugra. In the regular regime will be hold regional and international competitions among all age groups of players. Among the major tournaments to be held in Ugra in 2011 can be distinguished the tournament in Poikovsky, Governor's Cup and planned in conjunction with the FIDE Women’s World Championship and the tournament of contenders for the title of world champion. At national and international level our district will be represented by the men's team "Ugra", which had for the last 3 years entered to the elite of Russian chess clubs.