The preparations for the election of President of FIDE started in Khanty-Mansiysk, the capital of the 39th World Chess Olympiad.

It’s worth saying that the current head of the International Chess Federation Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and the world champion Anatoly Karpov pretend to the presidency of FIDE.   Read more »

Comments by Sergey Zagrebelny. Round 7

The report of the most brilliant games of the seventh round is proposed to the attention of the readers by GM Sergey Zagrebelny. Read more »

Nigel Freeman: "Thanks to the Olympiad Ugorians made friends with people from 160 countries worldwide"

At the next press-conference FIDE Treasurer and the President of Bermuda Chess Federation Nigel Freeman told us the truth about FIDE finances. Read more »

Sergey Karjakin: “The first team is a little bit stronger”

The clash of two Russian teams was a key match of the round 7. Three games were drawn rather quickly – Nepomniachtchi-Kramnnik, Grischuk-Alekseev, and Vitiugov-Svidler. The outcome of the match was decided in a duel between Karjakin and Tomashevsky. The representative of the first team took the upper hand. He already scored 5,5 points in 6 games.Our correspondent Kirill Zangalis interviewed the hero of the match. Read more »

Ivanchuk is fantastic!

The Ukrainian team seriously improved their chances of winning the Olympiad. In the 7th round Ukraine defeated Georgia and moved to the clear first place with 13 points. Vassily Ivanchuk secured the victory by beating Baadur Jobava. Three other games were drawn. Ivanchuk demonstrates phenomenal chess here – his score is 6 out of 6! Read more »

Photo Report on the 7th day of the Olympiad

Bright moments of the 7th round of the Olympiad in the photo report of the Olympiad press center correspondents. Read more. Read more »

Outstanding Congress

As we all know the 81st FIDE Congress opened its sessions on 24 September in the Chess Academy. The most important issues concerning further worldwide development of the wise chess game are being discussed these days in the Academy. Read more »

Video Report of "Ugra" TV Company. The Olympiad chess players participated in “National Cross-Country Race”

Chess players from Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Malaysia and Vietnam as well as 2 thousand citizens of Khanty-Mansiysk participated in the race. People of different ages participated in the festival, the youngest participant is 2 years old and the oldest one will soon celebrate his 86th birthday.

  Read more »

David Smerdon: “My bald head does not bring luck”

The Australian Grandmaster David Smerdon is one of the funniest people at the Olympiad. Talking with him about everything apart chess is a great pleasure. Read more »

Shinya Kojima: "Nanjo is just like Einstein"

Shinya Kojima, the 1st board of the national team of Japan, together with our journalists extended their birthday greetings to their teammate Nanjo Ryosuke. Read more »

Varuzhan Hakobyan: «Sometimes fortitude is more important than Rating»

One can not name absolute leaders in the American national teams in chess as well as in football. However it does not influence the process of enriching the collection of national medals. The secret was revealed to us by the coach of the men’s national team of America Varuzhan Hakobyan and GM Alexander Onischuk playing on the 3rd board. Read more »

Alon Greenfeld: «We do what we like – it is playing chess»

This is the opinion of the coach of the men’s team of Israel Alon Greenfeld and his players Maxim Rodshtein and Victor Mikhalevski. Read more »

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