Anna Muzychuk: “We will not make a big party but we are going to mark this day!”

21th of September is the 18th Birthday of the Ukrainian Grandmaster Mariya Muzychuk.

- Anna, your sister is 18 today. DO you have a surprise for her?
- I have not seen her yet today but of course I have prepared a present for her in advance I think we shall meet during the game. And in the evening we will try to celebrate her birthday with our teams and friends.

– Is it often the case that you celebrate your birthdays away from home?
- It happens. Professional chess players play a lot.

- Being an elder sister do you take care of Mariya?
- Usually we stay together. And this time it turned out that we are accommodated in different hotels. We play for different teams. She plays for Ukraine and I represent the team of Slovenia.

- Is your sister one of the youngest in the Ukrainian team?
- She is the youngest. Actually we have started playing chess early as well. Our parents started training us when we were 2. They had been out coaches for a long time

- Have you called her the first at midnight to congratulate on her birthday?
- No, I have not. I called her in the morning. We follow the regime. It is not professional to wake her up at midnight before the tournament even for the sake of her birthday.

- Where did you meet your 18th birthday yourself?
- I have to recall on it. I might have been at home, I do not remember exactly. (laughing)

- Have you thought of something special for your sister today?
- We will try to celebrate her birthday so that she likes it. Of course we shall not make a big party, we will get together only with the closest friends. There is another problem-we have just checked in and we have no idea who is placed where. Someone will be able to come and some not. I know that her team will be there.

- Will there be any birthday cake with candles served for her?
- We always have it at home. Here everything is more complicated. I do not know yet, maybe I will take care of it.

- You can always buy candles in the next-door shop.
- Yes, but I need 18, not only 1. (laughing)

- What can you tell us about your sister in one word?
- She is purposeful.

- What did you wish her when called her in the morning?
- I wished her good luck and so that all her dreams come true..